Engage your customers
with Emotion.

Simple, safe and easy to use Mojo is the Emotion AI Platform to detect, understand and activate user emotions.

Detect Emotional Reactions

People use digital services all day long and react to them, emotionally. Up to 76% of the overall reaction is emotional.

Understand Users Behaviors

How do they really feel? Get explicit emotional feedbacks, rather than implicit guess on people engagement.

Activate Empathy

We learnt how to activate emotional response with empathic design. We've made it easy to use.

Emotion-based technology

Use Mojo to unlock the power of emotions into your products. As developers using it for ourselves, we've put all our love into Mojo Emotion AI Platform. We're proud of it because it's

Real-time & Private by Design

Emotion Detection

Easy to use with APIs

Aligned with our ethical values

Our team is ready to help you jump into emotion-based technology.

We have focused on
emotions that matter.

We've built well over a hundred of emotion-based social robots apps and digital assistant activities. For you, we've packaged ready-to-use emotional insights.

Attention & Engagement

We've teached robots to understand people's attention and done this like no one else. That's people's most basic behavior for an emotion-ready product.

Surprise, Confusion & Amusement

We've used those 3 really evocative emotions over the years. They represent the most powerful and expressive insights and you can now handle them with your product.

Every great Emotion-based project starts with a great use case.

See how Mojo Emotion AI Platform can lead to improved metrics across the board and have a positive impact on your customers, employees, and bottom-line. Choose your use case below, and we'll guide you to relevant use cases details that will help you improve your most critical KPIs.

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Online Surveys

Ask people what they think. You know that their behavior will tell more than what they tell you. That's where Emotion-based technology comes in.

Read Online Survey Use Case

Individual, anonymised emotional response reports.
Product Analytics

Emotional connections with your customers no longer have to be a mystery, they can be a new source of real competitive advantage and growth.

Read Product Analytics Use Case

Emotional User Engagement Metrics Boosts Adoption
In-Cabin Monitoring

In-cabin systems need to understand how people feel to improve their safety and deliver the best experience.

Read In-Cabin Monitoring Use Case

Improve Safety. Unlock Unique In-Cabin Experiences
User Testing

Behavioral economists proved that more than 66% of human decision and behavior are driven by emotional factors.

Read User Testing Use Case

Emotional Reactions from user testing recordings.
Digital Assistant

Digital Assistants interacting with people in the real world need to know what people think, and how they feel to get a chance to be adopted.

Read Digital Assistant Use Case

Emotion-based interaction for personalized experience

People want to learn, at their own pace. Speed up, slow down and dive into details whenever it's relevant. Unlock it online, on-demand as a great teacher would do it live.

Read Elearning Use Case

Proof of attention, dynamic content suggestion.

Stay focused on your business.
Let us handle the emotion.

We've prepared for you a production-ready framework. Scientifically up-to-date, highly developer-friendly and well packaged with Open APIs.