Emotion-based Technology for the next generation of digital services

A unique way to enjoy digital services for a balanced lifestyle anytime anywhere through a trustworthy relation.

Humanize Digital Assistants.

With Mojo, the next generation of Digital Assistants understands the user's intentions like we do between humans. More than just words. More human-like.

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Virtual Companions with enhanced social & cognitive capabilities are the next step of digital interactions

“ It’s all about securing a long-term relationship between humans and Technology for a better adoption of digital services ”

We build the Next Generation Digital Assistants

Emotional, Human-centered, with the highest respect of Privacy.
These are the core principles of Mojo Framework, our Patented AI Technology


Mojo Framework.
Modular Architecture.

Altogether. As a whole, unlock the full potential to build your Next Generation Digital Assistants.

Independantly. Often used to take profit of one of each modules to match your need.

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Emotional Browser.
Reinvent Your Web.

Mojo Web is the first Mobile Browser using Mojo Framework.

Developers, build your first emotional web experience. Learn how, and join Mojo Web Developer Program for free.

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