12 June 2017

1st hackathon : a great success

The story begins the day the team decides to organize its first hackathon. Why, how, where, with what budget. No matter what, the motivation is there, contagious….
Invitations are sent. Within a week, the entries are sold out.  First success!


Wednesday: kick off  evening. The Hoomano team, including robots, is very excited to greet all participants. They finally arrive. Devs, designers, techs or  non tech : every profile is represented. We even have an international team with the presence of two English persons who came directly from England for the event. Everyone gets to know each other, sharing some good beers.  Even the participants in telepresence who “roll” from one group to another are part of if.

Friday evening: day 1


6 teams are ready, each chose his robot among Pepper, Nao, Buddy, Cozm or Sanbot.  Ideas are emerging, concepts are coming. The projects are finally found :  everyone starts to generate ideas and forge relationships


Saturday: day 2
Short night for everyone. Several valiant developers did not even close their eyes. The Hoomano team either. The day continues in a good an uniquely productive atmosphere. Barbecue, beer, pizzas, sweets and sun are present.  For the afternoon snack, some pancakes were well appreciated. The atmosphere is studious. Everything is not simple: lack of sleep, technical problems, battle of foam darts … But the motivation is always there. This reflects the courage, tenacity and self-denial of the participants. Congratulations to them!

Sunday: day 3
Even if the common enemies of each team can be fatigue and sometimes doubt, the emulsion is simply enormous.  The teams only have a few hours left to complete their projects, film, prepare and rehearse their pitch.

3 pm: the room is full of visitors, friends, family, curious, who came to see the results.

All the teams have already won: they have arrived at the end of the hackathon, and have developed great ideas.

Everyone has ten minutes and a projector to seduce the  jury: children, specialists, non specialists … from all ages.

The winning team is Cozmo music: Cozmo can teach you how to make music, or learn the music you show and pass it on to others.
Second awarded project: AL, a the cognitive simulation of people with Alzheimer’s disease
Third project and Hoomano “coup de coeur”: Pepper Reader, a robot able to read you stories if you show him the pages of the book.
Fourth winner: Pepper Meet, a robot  that questions you on your centers of interests to facilitate meetings.

The choice was difficult, all the teams having worked hard

It was a great adventure, not only on a technical level, but on a human level. A victory for Hoomano: to have created the desire to develop interactions that are useful, that allow an instinctive user experience and can create a  transgenerational link. It was a great challenge for the whole team.

Congratulations to all the participants, and for those who could not come, see you next year!


Thank you to :  Adrien, Antoine, Andrei, Alexandre, Augustin, Bastien, Carl, Chris, Dave, Emilie, Florian, Gabriel, Hedi, JB,  Jean, Jonathan, Laurent, Laurianne, Lydie, Manon, Matthieu, Renaud, Stephen, Simon, Soukaina, Stuart, Valentin,  



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