16 July 2015

Buddy the robot, soon available for our clients

Maybe you have already heard about Buddy. This little robot, made by BlueFrog Robotics has been on Indiegogo, the crowdfunding platform, for some time now.

Who is Buddy?

Buddy is a 60cm wheeled robot with a screen in place of its head, which allows us to interact with it by words and touch. Moreover, it has a nice cute design.

So it’s quite a success! On Indiegogo, Buddy has reached more than 400% of the initial funds.

As you can see in this video, the commercial is quite attractive, showing this compagnon robot able to navigate through our house, assist us in our routine, play with the kids, and even monitoring the house when we are away.


As robotics enthusiasts, we are eager to see what the robot will actually do at home. Moreover, we see in it a strong potential for businesses. So we have taken part to the funding and we will be among the first to receive Buddy!

Why should you adopt Buddy for your business?

use cases by hoomanoBuddy is a new platform with an attractive design. So, it’s able to offer a nice engaging interaction with humans.

Therefore, it can perform several tasks, interacting with your visitors, such as draw their attention, welcome, inform, promote, and so on.

In the same way, we can connect it to several smart devices and turn it into an interface between men and technologies. Then, it can explain and demonstrate the values of a product in a rich and interactive way.

In short, it’s a new platform for Hoomano’s applications that have already proven successful with our customers.

With this robot, we want to give more choices to our clients and offer them new opportunities. Indeed, Buddy have some specificities, particularly its screen and its navigation. They are as much possibilities to create innovative solutions that meets our clients needs.



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