16 June 2015

Hoomano and the connected objects

We keep hearing about connected objects. Medias and companies are paying attention to this market. This interest raises a lot of questions, fears and hopes, as always with technologies. People are enthusiastic or sceptical, or both.

Whatever, our objects will be more and more linked with the digital world. It will change our way to get information, engage with other people, protect ourselves, and create. And it will lead to deep social changes, and modify the way we live one more time. This is what we call “the progress”, isn’t it? 😉

What about Hoomano?

We are deeply involved in the “Internet of things”. To date, we have used NAO, the humanoid robot, to demonstrate connected objects in store. But, doing this, we are already thinking about tomorrow. We are working in order to make a more natural interface between technologies and people.

Nowaday, there isn’t any compagnon robot as shown in fiction, with an A.I. good enough to let it laugh with you over a beer, in place of your best friend.

But do we really need it? There are already some robots with a limited A.I. (low), who only do what they are programmed for, and nothing more. (No risk of a cybernation revolution or a “Robopocalypse”! Phew)

connected objectsAt Hoomano, we want the robot to be an engaging interface between you and your (future) connected house. Using its analytics capacities, the datas got by your connected objects and the learning of your preferences, it can adapt your devices to meet your needs.

This is just the start. We are among the enthusiasts and our projects are, and will be, linked with connected objects, datas and much more.

By the way, businesses can already use our solutions to address their issues such as a better management of the lighting system, the showcasing of a product or a service, and the reception and guidance of visitors on a sales-point or a demonstration corner.


So what do you think? Ready to join our adventure?


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