1 June 2015

Hoomano’s charter

When we integrate a service robotics solution, we answer to a specific need or issue encountered by our client. To build a relevant solution together, you are involved throughout the project. In the same way, we take into account the specifics of the profession.

These founding principles are the noticeable basics of our method. Other guidelines are less visible than that. Therefore, we want to list them into this charter because they define our way to design our solutions.


What we do

  • We offer tools to assist and boost your collaborators’ performance.
  • The robot’s role highlights men and the showcased services and products.
  • We support your teams from the idea of an assistive robot to the daily use.

What we do not

  • Our solutions and our robots do not replace your collaborators.
  • The robot won’t be the main focus or the star of the day.

What is important for us

  • During and after each project, we learn and look for what can be improve, then we do it!
  • We are happy when our clients are happy and that their own clients are happy!

do or do not


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