9 January 2017

Hoomano and the LIRIS announce: Behaviors.ia

The ANR (French National Research Agency) has published the list of the projects selected for their labcom programs. Among them: Behaviors.ia, a project led by both Hoomano and LIRIS (Research Center in Information Sciences and Technologies).

To fully understand it, I interviewed Amélie Cordier.

She is a researcher and an associate professor at LIRIS and at Lyon 1 University in computer science and artificial intelligence.

Last summer, one of her student was an intern at Hoomano to explore applications of developmental learning in robotics. At this occasion, Amélie met Xavier Basset, founder of Hoomano. Soon after, they decided to launch together and applied to the LabCom program.

What is the LabCom program?

This program is an ANR initiative whose goal is to foster collaborations between the world of Research and businesses. To do so, ANR finances the creation of joint laboratories (named LabCom) between a private company and an existing research laboratory during a period of three years. The aim is to help the LabCom to create value and to establish itself in the long term.

The ANR’s goal was to fund 100 LabCom in three years. Among the 364 examined projects, 99 have been selected, with a success rate up to 20%. completes this round of selection.


What is and why it has been selected?

The aim of is to investigate new approaches of artificial intelligence, and more precisely developmental learning, to create new ways to interact with social robots such as Pepper, Nao and Buddy. Thus we want to make them more empathetic and able to continuously learn as they interact in “real life” environments.

This increasingly relevant topic and the commitment of both team has raised the attention of the ANR.

In addition to the forthcoming results, this fast and concrete confrontation between theoretical researches and the real world is very exciting. This has been Hoomano’s focus since its beginning. This, among other things, has led Amélie to agree to join our team! From now, she will oversees the scientific projects conducted at Hoomano on a full time basis.

Two excellent news to start the year 2017 which promises to be a good one for AI and robotics!




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