2 June 2015

A humanoid robot?

A humanoid robot is attractive and raises curiosity. It doesn’t look exactly like a human being, but it’s a little likeable being which reminds us of a little child.

When you meet it, you want to interact with it and see how it will react. So you try to talk with it, hoping that it will answer in a smart way, or at least as a toddler could do: with a kind of naivety. So you try and test its reaction by using the simple implicit codes of human relations: a “hello”, a smile. And then… it answers!

The humanoid robot is a new form of artificial life that gradually finds its place in our physical world.

When it begins to approach human expression, we are thrilled and we start to look ahead. So we imagine: “Can it clean my house?”, “Can it feed the cat?”. No, it cannot do these tasks.

There are a plenty of other robots all around us. Kitchen robot, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner robot, and so on: these robots are the domestic ones. The humanoid robots cannot do this type of tasks and they probably will not until decades. But they can do something that the others do not: they interact and exchange with humans.


hoomano_nao_600pxSo what can a humanoid robot do for my business?

It is a new form of interface with the digital world.  It knows how to “talk” to connected objects, home automation, Internet services like emails, social networks, calendars, photo sharing, company servers, client management solution, inventory management, and so on.

But the major value of a humanoid robot is that it knows how to translate the real physical world that surrounds it into data and immaterial relations.  It collects and analyzes in real time to adapt its behavior.  For example, it knows if you look at or speak to it.

And it also knows if you smile or if you are sad.  So we have many handy tools to create rich applications, highly factual and adaptable.



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