13 June 2017

New application “Visitor Management”

Hoomano launches a new application “Visitor Management App”

When meeting and greeting visitors and customers in a business environment, make the most of these first few seconds to create a good impression and leave a long lasting impact.

With the welcome solution for social robots “Visitor Management App” , Hoomano enables companies to innovate and impress their visitors during their waiting time thanks to a unique experience.  The robot will interact instinctively and naturally with visitors and will perform the following tasks :

  • WELCOME visitors in their native language
  • NOTIFY  employees via SMS that their visitors have arrived
  • CONFIRM visitors that they are expected
  • GIVE directions to the basic parts of the buildings
  • INFORM about latest news, products, services
  • ENTERTAIN visitors to enjoy their waiting time in a user-friendly way

From offices with just a few employees to others over 15,000, our application  can be used by any business around the globe

A new way to greet visitors and offer them a unique and unforgettable experience in offices, and definitely, to project a professional business environment !

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