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Emotional Browser.
Reinvent Your Web.

Mojo Web is the first Mobile Browser built with Mojo Framework.

Developers, build your first emotional web experience. Register today to get access to Mojo Web.

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How to double your user's engagement using emotions?

With Mojo Web, give contextual content adapted to the user’s emotional state.

Mojo reacts live to Attention, Confusion, Surprise and Amusement.

Configure Mojo so that he knows what to say, and he’ll take the job.

Design your emotion-based content, and Mojo does the job to present it to your users. Everytime they browse your service.

In the long term, you create a unique experience for every user, based on their emotional response, thus maximizing their engagement.

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How can I analyse my customer’s emotional reaction?

No hype, results need to be measured.
Mojo Web comes with an analytics tool. Every browsing session is accessible in the report section.
Mojo Web also offers APIs to access those data, and unleash the power of Business Intelligence with your own data analytics tools.


Check out the Attention level. Try to look away from the screen and check the score again.


Try to express Surprise, Amusement and Confusion, and check out the representation.


Checkout the live emotional data turned into meaningful graphs


Use Cases for Mojo Web.

Mojo Web is the perfect tool to start putting emotional intelligence into your business.

improve conversion rate


Ads, nonsense recommendations, massive attempts to grab our attention generates internal frustration.
This frustration is a long term risk.
Someone will break this. Soon or later, this frustration will lead to change.

Build emotional e-shop
Decrease drop out


Engagement is key
46% of people attending training feel it lacks follow-up, support and mentoring over time
Customized and optimized pedagogical schemes to favour employee skills development.

Build emotional lessons
build emotional character


Building a highly interactive playground is a guarantee to nurture player's attractiveness.
Emotional Characters help build curiousity, engagement and finally a lot of fun!
But creating an engaging personality to every NPC used to be a huge amount of work, time and money.

Build emotional NPC
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