"We grant machines the ability to adapt to us so we can communicate instinctively"

Xavier Basset, Hoomano's founder


Created in december 2014 by Xavier Basset and Cyril Maitrejean, Hoomano develops software for social robots, such as Pepper and Nao (thanks to a privileged partnership with Softbank Robotics in France and in Japan).

Hoomano’s expertise in the improvement of human-machine interactions is recognized, for instance by the company’s first place in the first “Trophée des Start-ups de la Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes” in the artificial intelligence category. Started by four individuals in a Lyon apartment, Hoomano is still in Lyon, but now has 18 collaborators.

Hoomano also opened an office in Japan in 2017.


Xavier Basset, Hoomano’s founder and an engineer trained at l’Ecole des Mines, has been passionate about robots for 20 years.

His obsession: creating an interaction of good quality between humans and machines to allow everyone, young and old, to better communicate.

Making human-machine interactions natural means giving machines the ability to adapt to us, rather than the other way around. Machines with a “personality” will simplify human-to-human communication, personalize learning, create new ways to play, enrich our day-to-day life, and finally: make us closer!

Hoomano Japan

Hoomano’s Japanese branch was established in Tokyo in April 2017. It is located in the DMM.make building, in the dynamic district of Akihabara.

Beyond its proximity to Japanese robot makers such as Softbank Robotics (Pepper), Sony (Aibo), Honda (Asimo), Toyota (Kirobo, T-HR3), and those more globally present in Asia with which we develop partnerships and projects around our Social Brain technology, our teams co-organize international scientific workshops and participate in events of global influence. Hoomano thus could for example show a demonstration of its engagement module during Tokyo’s IREX in 2017.


At Hoomano, 15 passionate individuals work in between France and Japan. Our team of experts combines experience and vision to transform the way we interact with technology, whether it’s about robots, devices or communicating machines.

Engineers, developers, researchers, project teams, marketing teams; they all make our clients’ projects possible today and contribute to improve tomorrow’s technology, closely with Xavier BASSET (CEO) and Cyril MAITREJEAN (COO). 

Our commitments

Pragmatism prevails

When our team helps you make the best of your robotics projects, it takes account of your goals and industry realities.

Our experts in engineering, development, UX or design deliver THE perfectly fitted solution for your business.

Robots in real life

For almost 4 years, our customers all over the world have been relying on our products: our robots and applications work in real life with real users. We know that to resist real life conditions they need to be robust and reliable.

Your data is precious

We care about it! We respect the law, host your data in France and treat it with the utmost confidentiality. “The Hoomano data path” remains at your disposal to give you some more information about our responsible approach.