Live Facial Expression Recognition

To start the demonstration, you will be asked to turn on your camera.
Anonymized facial keypoints are sent to the API. Learn more

Facial Expression
Recognition API

3 Social cues included: Attention, Engagement & Interaction Status
3 Emotions included: Amusement, Confusion & Surprise
Real-time & Private by design


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A session starts when someone is using an application based on the Mojo Facial Expression API.
A typical session sequence consists of an initialization phase, then streaming anonymized data from the frontend API to the cloud API, and in parallel estimations are sent back from the backend API to the frontend API.
A session ends when the disconnect event is received from the server, or when no more data is sent for a certain period of time.

The number of simultaneous sessions is determined by your Mojo Facial Expression Recognition plan.
If too many sessions are opened, the first arrived, first served principle applies.
💡 You can change your plan anytime to adjust to your real need, and growth.


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Can I use Mojo for my clients?

Absolutely. The Mojo Emotion AI Platform allows you to build digital services for personal use or for clients.

Do I get free updates?

Yes. We update all of our models on a regular basis, plus are constantly adding new social cues, widgets, ready-to-use boilerplates and tons of useful examples.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes! There is no engagement period for any plan. Just stop using, and we'll stop invoicing.

Does it work with Javascript? NodeJS? Python?

Yes. Mojo Emotion AI Platform has APIs that makes it compatible with the most used coding language. If your prefered language has no API yet, we will be happy to help craft an Open API as we already did with the existing APIs