Emotional feedback for In-Cabin Monitoring.

In-cabin systems need to understand how people feel to improve their safety and deliver the best experience.

Contribute to Improve Safety

Add emotional understanding of the driver and passengers to react to unsafe social situations

Engage Emotionally

Embrace emotional feedback loop to trigger meaningful interactions with people

Build Magical Entertainment

Improve user engagement by dynamically adjusting ambiance to people’s mood. Get a wow everyday!

Our Emotion AI is built for integration

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Emotion AI for In-Cabin Monitoring System.

The driver and the passengers are comfortably seated. While driving and engaging with each other, their emotional reactions are evaluated in real-time.

Know how people feel to better serve them. Build interior monitoring systems like detecting distraction, mood estimation, people interactions with each others.

Use dynamical emotion-based reactions to improve safety systems and bring magic to entertainment systems.

The Most Customizable Facial Expression Recognition Solution for In Cabin Monitoring System

Attention, Surprise, Confusion, Amusement & more.

Scientifically up-to-date Emotion Evaluation Accuracy

Customizable Model

Patented generic model, customizable.

Private by design

Keep people's data safe.

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Enchant In-Cabin Systems with Emotion AI

Emotion Recognition

In Cabin Monitoring Product


Improve Occupants Comfort

React to Occupants’ Attention and Emotional State

Using in-cabin camera, predict the occupants emotional and interaction status, so you can design proactive features, happening at the right time.

Use case in action


Business Challenge

The primary KPI used by Cabin Magic product team was to improve occupants comfort with their in-cabin monitoring solutions. As cars become more connected, it was shown that the entertainment system features can be assisted with in-cabin monitoring systems.


To improve passenger comfort, Cabin Magic used Mojo Emotion AI Platform to measure emotional reactions while playing music in cabin. This allowed them to adjust volumes by zone depending on occupant’s mood, and mute locally if the passenger was wearing headsets or giving a phone call. They dramatically improve each passenger comfort individually.

* this is a fictitious company and a hypothetical use case.

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