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Hoomano started to create smart apps for social robots in 2014, working on Buddy (Blue Frog Robotics), Heasy (Hease Robotics), Ijini (Innovative Play Lab), Nao and Pepper (Softbank Robotics), Sanbot (Qihan Technology) and Zenbo (ASUS).

The company, originally based in Lyon, FRANCE, also has a branch in Tokyo to develop our business in Asia. After 3 years of experience, which is longer than most of robotics application companies, for major big clients in France and Europe (PARIS 15 CITY HALL, DARTY, SNCF, CREDIT AGRICOLE, ICADE...), Hoomano works each day on enhancing the robot interaction, applying the research results to the application, which is provided to our various customers.

A very large range of uses was successfully installed on robots. In many cases, it allows elderly people to communicate more joyfully, kids to learn faster, visitors to be warmly welcomed and the tension to be released while waiting. In other words, the interaction “powered by Hoomano” and the technology based on is a guarantee for a great user experience.

In October 2017, Hoomano won an Award in France for the best company in "Artificial Intelligence" category of Les 1ers Trophées des Start-ups Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.



Our R&D team works on improving interaction between people and robots. Our main goal is to enhance verbal and non-verbal interactions with artificial intelligence. To do so, the AI experts from Liris University Laboratory leads Hoomano AI Lab to execute the research and development in Hoomano. Today we know how to help you answer the question "how to make my robot smarter ?". Ask us for more information about our AI team.

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Thanks to 3 years of our customer-centric approach in Europe, we worked on many different use cases with our clients. We gained strong experience in elderly-care, retail, hospitality, transport, health, education, leisure... Doing this, we developed and strengthened our technology. Today we know how to help you answer the question "What can I do with a robot?". Ask us for more information about our consulting services.

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