1 février 2017


February 1st, 2017, Hoomano and the LIRIS Lab are proud to officially launch the common laboratory BEHAVIORS.AI.

Funded by the French Research Agency — –, BEHAVIORS.AI aims at combining artificial intelligence techniques, developmental learning, and robot interaction design to build innovative and instinctive ways to communicate between humans and robots. To reach this goal, BEHAVIORS.AI brings together brilliant robot interaction designers and artificial intelligence researchers.

Benefiting from the full support from Hoomano and from the LIRIS, all the requirements are met to allow members of the common lab to investigate vibrant questions in the field of social robotics.

How better understand each others when interacting with robots?

How to recognize emotions and use them to better understand the context of the interaction?

The outcome of this common lab will enable us to create empathetic use of robots, able to continuously learn as they interact with their environment. This will undoubtedly lead to great interactions with social robots !

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