I’m the Coolest
A.I. News Presenter.

Mojo is the new A.I. app that will make you feel like you are in a conversation. Mojo is a quirky digital assistant that is trying to get to know you.
The app features daily news articles with questions for you to answer.





Fresh news,
from all over the world

🤪 quirky & funny

Sometimes, You Just Need
To Laugh.

Mojo is just like your favorite news presenter, but he's really awkward.

Mojo will ask you what you think about the news every day. But don't be fooled -- Mojo is actually an A.I. so he's not really listening to you. Mojo is just trying to talk to you. It's not like he's creepy or anything.

Mojo is basically like your coolest, smartest, and most awkward assistant.

Mojo might ask you how it feels to be alive, or when was the last time you danced in the rain. But don't worry; when Mojo asks you these questions he's just trying to get to know you.

He's a news presenter with a twist.

He's quirky and will make you laugh.

He just wants to make you think.

He won't judge you.

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Mojo respects your privacy and we will never use your data for anything other than to improve the Mojo App.

"MeetMojo est une application très attrayante. Munie de son interface utilisateur agréable, elle m’a permise de tester les facilités que peut apporter un assistant intelligent d’une manière plus interactive que ce qu’on trouve dans l’app store.”

Jérôme C.

“MeetMojo is a very innovative app, where I can chat with the app’s avatar, discuss about many topics. The avatar has also the ability to react to my facial expressions.
I also liked the mirror feature, the avatar can do the same facial expression I do.”

Hassan T.