Emotional feedback for Online Surveys.

Ask people what they think. You know that their behavior will tell more than what they tell you. Get feedback from natural reactions, to bettter understand the mechanics of the answer.

Analyze Respondents Behavior

Help analysts create unique synthesis with an improved understanding of the respondents. Get insights on how people behave while answering the survey.

Improve Surveys ROI

Optimize each respondent engagement with more data gathered within the same amount of time. Identify fake responses and non relevant behaviors by checking emotional feedback.

Get more answers

Engage respondents with dynamic content. Build contextual help and guidelines depending on the respondents reactions. Never let your respondent confused or surprised.

Our Emotion AI is built for integration

Watch out the video to see how it works while integrated into an online survey!

Emotion AI for Online Survey.

The respondent starts the survey with emotional feedback. While answering the questionnaire, its emotional reactions are evaluated in real-time.
Confusion, Surprise and Amusement are accessible through our API. You can adapt the flow of the questionnaire based on the reactions of the respondent.
Once done, you get access to the emotional meta-data, allowing you to build analytics that takes into account the evaluation of the emotional response.

The Most easy-to-use Facial Expression Recognition Solution for Online Surveys

Attention, Surprise, Confusion, Amusement & more.

Scientifically up-to-date Emotion Evaluation Accuracy

Real-time estimation

Get your predictions on-the-fly

Private by design

Keep your data safe.

Business case > Online Survey

Improve your Online Survey Response Quality with Emotion AI

Live Emotion Recognition

Questionnaire Design Team


Improve Response Quality

Identify Inconsistent Responses through analysis of Attention and Emotional reactions

Using the facing camera, predict the user’s emotional and interaction status, so you can evaluate the engagement and emotional state.

Use case in action


Business Challenge

The primary KPI used by SmarterSurvey questionnaire design team was to improve response quality with their online survey platform. As the respondents react to the questions that they answer, it was shown that the quality of their answer can be balanced depending on their emotional response.


To improve response quality, SmarterSurvey used Mojo Emotion AI Platform to measure emotional reactions while answering to the survey. This allowed them to identify the intensity of unexpected user’s mood to calibrated questions, so they could mitigate the overall pertinence of each respondent.

* this is a fictitious company and a hypothetical use case.

Live Emotional Online Survey Example

Experience by yourself, no better way to learn than by doing. Our Environmental Online Survey example has one simple goal: discover how Emotion AI can boost Online Surveys.

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