Applications for Pepper and Nao

As a “Pepper Partner” of Softbank Robotics in France and Japan, we develop software for the social robots Pepper and Nao. We create these robotics applications by understanding the end-user’s needs  to provide an interaction of unequaled quality for each sector : retail, flex office, tourism, transports, elderly care…

Hoomano Studio, an easy CMS

Create specific roles for your robots with complete autonomy! We have developed a very easy to use online content management platform, designed to assist you to swiftly conceive simple interactions on Pepper and Nao. The “Hoomano Studio” allows any non-technical user to make useful content updates.

Consulting and service robotics engineering

Hoomano helps you throughout the full lifecycle of your service robotics projects. From the definition of your objectives to deployment in the field, including ideation, design and development of robotics applications, we guide you with the support of our “Robotics Success Plan”.

Our applications

The Welcomer

Our visitor management solution enables your visitors to be welcomed, informed and guided by a robot as soon as they enter your offices. They can inform their contact of their arrival, wait while being entertained and thus keep an unforgettable image of their visit.

Visitor Catcher

This application enables you to attract and qualify visitors during events; offer them an innovating and unforgettable experience on your booth. Besides Visitor Catcher helps you qualify your target audience in order to accelerate the conversion process.

Flex Worker

Flex Worker is the first solution to facilitate working organisation and bring comfort to your teams. With this application you can easily plan meetings, communicate about the main company information, report problems, welcome new people and support your teams with dedicated services.



  • Improve your reputation with innovation


  • Offer an enjoyable moment to your visitors


  • Makes your welcome unforgettable


  • Better waiting management


  • Rise of the average basket


  • Customers loyalty


  • Easier work organization


  • Brings more friendliness between collaborators


  • Allows a better communication with your departments


  • Improve your company image with innovation


  • Give emotions to the travellers


  • Communicate information to your network users


  • Tourists flow management


  • Supports local economy


  • Promotes region image


  • Improved services


  • Creates emotion for occupants


  • Entertainement for seniors

Success stories

Team optic 2000 with Pepper

Optic 2000

As the customer’s experience in shops is at the heart of retailers’ strategy, a Pepper robot “powered by Hoomano” has been deployed in the Optic 2000 shop in Melun (77) in September 2017. Six other stores of the company followed them with a  similar solution.

The challenge for the brand: reinvent itself and adapt to technological evolutions to provide unique customer paths and shopping experiences.

Hoomano solution: bringing innovation into the store in order to modernize the customer path, attracting and retaining customers by creating a unique interactive experience, keeping kids entertained while their parents are busy with the optician.


In 2017, Icade Group’s head office moved to the new connected building “Open” near Paris. For this key player of housing promotion it was an opportunity to reconsider ways of welcoming clients and visitors.

A common solution between Hoomano and Pénélope Groupe was then set up: a dual approach with a Pepper robot supplemented with the Hoomano application “The Welcomer” + a team of hostesses.

Pepper accueil
pepper acceuille des touristes à l'office de tourisme de Dromardèche

Tourist office of Portes de DrômArdèche

Tourist experience also benefits from social robotics!

Hoomano supported the Drôme Ardèche region in France by implementing a Pepper robot dedicated to welcoming visitors at the tourist office.

Since April 2018, Pepper informs tourists in French or English about the cultural heritage, sites and activities of the region. It also entertains them. The robot attracts many visitors who are curious to live a new form of communication with this unusual but welcoming assistant.

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