Showcase of a device driven interaction thanks to our engagement module

We create a social brain to make your robots and interactive devices truly unique

For a successful user experience

Transforming today’s customer experience means being tomorrow’s number one!

Enhancing the user experience by taking full advantage of new technologies has become a key issue for your business. You are convinced of the potential of human-machine interactions for improving your responsiveness towards customers and for problem solving. Hoomano develops the “social brain” for your machines and interactive devices that will make a change tomorrow.

Our social brain is made of 3 interaction modules


The “Awareness module”, that already equips all Hoomano robots, allows robots to demonstrate natural communication behaviors that attract and engage users. 25,000 differentiating human- machine interactions thus happen every month in the world.


The “Engagement module” makes devices proactive in interactions. Thanks to this module, companion robots, smart displays, devices and machines know when to talk, when to be quiet, and above all, how to get the attention of humans.


The “Empathy module” has several roles. It allows robots to better understand the context, to perceive the user’s intentions, to respond to him effectively using appropriate communication codes and to foster the user’s attachment attachment towards the object.

The team Hoomano works at Pepper robot


Consisting of the R&D department led by Amélie Cordier and Hoomano engineers, the Lab innovates in the adoption of developmental AI techniques for human-machine interactions. 8 people each day obsess over enriching the user experience with objects, robots or interactive machines, ensuring that their behaviors perform naturally.

Hoomano’s area for innovation is dedicated to technological exploration, the creation of products based on research results, and fundamental research on human-robot interactions, a large part of which is carried out within the framework of the joint laboratory


At Hoomano, 15 enthusiasts work between France (Lyon) and Japan (Tokyo). Our team of experts, combining experience and vision, contributes to simplifying everyday technological interaction with connected devices, and interactive machines.

Engineers, developers, researchers, project teams, marketing teams: they all enable us to realize today our customers’ projects, and they contribute to enriching tomorrow’s technology, under the impulse of Xavier BASSET (CEO) and Cyril MAITREJEAN (CFO).

La team Hoomano

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