Emotional feedback for User Testing.

Behavioral economists proved that more than 66% of human decision and behavior are driven by emotional factors. -- Source Gallup

Evaluate Emotional Engagement

Catch facial expressions when they happen, without interrupting the flow. No need to use an expensive setup. A camera is enough. You receive valuable emotional feedback.

Optimize ROI

Optimize each user test with more data gathered within the same amount of time. Get insights on the most relevant emotions to take the right decision and optimize product launch.

Increase your revenue

Emotional connections with your customers no longer have to be a mystery—they can be a new source of real competitive advantage and growth. Source Harvard Business Review

Our Emotion AI is built for integration

Watch out the video to see how it works while integrated into remote user test session!

Emotion AI for User Testing.

During a test, the facial expressions are analysed in real time.
Each tester has a unique reaction, we turn them into valuable data.
Emotional data is accessible for further analysis.
You will know when it happens, so that you can find why it happens.
Embrace the success of positive reactions and fix the unexpected negative ones!

The Most easy-to-use Facial Expression Recognition Solution for User Testing

Attention, Surprise, Confusion, Amusement & more.

Scientifically up-to-date Emotion Evaluation Accuracy

Mood estimation

Global mood is the impression that lasts.

Private by design

Keep your data safe.

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Business case > video game

Boost User Testing in Video Games with Emotion AI

Emotion Recognition

User Testing Lab


Decrease Users Churn

Identify Pain Points along the Player's journey

Using video data from user testing sections, identify how many unexpected negative emotions have happened and when, so you can prevent future drop out, and compare with expected emotional response.

Use case in action


Business Challenge

The primary KPI used by Big Games Company's user testing team was to reduce the churn for the company's most profitable games. It was shown that the decline in player adoption was due to players feeling frustrated, confused or surprised at key stages in the overall game experience.


To improve user retention, Big Games Company used the Mojo Emotion AI Platform to measure emotional response during user testing sessions. This allowed them to design a smooth user experience for the menu and load times of their games to maintain a positive player experience.

* this is a fictitious company and a hypothetical use case.

Build Emotional User Testing in 3 steps


Process the video recordings with our batch API in no time. No video sent to the cloud.


Receive the emotional meta-data in a readable format. CSV or anything that suits your need from our app.


Connect your user testing timeline with emotional feedbacks to find the why, and fix what has to be fixed.