A helping hand
for a better life.

The digital assistant that helps the elderly stay connected.

Interactive and learning assistant

An assistant easy-to-use for elderly people. An assistant enable frail or less autonomous people to remain at home as long as possible by proposing simple and interactive actions.

Emotional engagement

Use emotional feedback loop to find what's relevant individually for users. The integration of emotions allows a better understanding between the assistant and the user.

Greater autonomy

An assistant capable of managing interactions and adapting to users to ensure greater autonomy.

Bring Life to Digital Assistants with Emotion AI ...

Business case with

Business challenge

The primary KPI used by Linkia Product team was to improve elderly people interaction with digital services. As cognitive abilities naturally decrease with aging, it was shown that the interface of digital services had to be instinctive to get more user engagement.


To improve user engagement, Linkia used Mojo Emotion AI Platform to create Lily, their digital care assistant. Used as the main interface with the digital services this allowed to build agenda, social apps and reminders adapted individually to elderly people.

... With Mojo framework.


The Most Customizable Software Framework for Building Digital Assistant

User Perception

Scientifically up-to-date Emotion and Interaction detection

Custom Application

Customizable features selected by personalization engine.

Expressive Interface

Emotional interface with human-like expressivity.


The reason why you can trust us

Private by design

  • 3D facial key points & no video / photo recorded
  • Our Digital assistant respects your privacy and we will never use data for anything other than to improve our assistant.
  • State of the art - Emotion Science

  • Timeseries ~30 Hz
  • Fleeting expressions representing up to 48 emotions
  • ...