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For Marketing teams

Boost your product’s qualitative research study. A toolbox essential for anyone who conducts market research, as it offers a new and innovative way to assess emotional feedback from respondents.

Live facial expression recognition

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For Companies

Assistant for elderly people

Connect to digital services.
An essential assistant proactive, personalised and with an interface that is particularly adapted to the cognitive abilities of elderly people.
Simple, instinctive

Car assistant Soon Available

Improve confort and safety in cars.
Detect fatigue or distraction and also provides social stimulation, emotional data.
A natural conversational interface to share useful information in a funny way !

Concrete case with Mojo Framework


Thanks to our framework, we created a quirky digital assistant that is trying to get to know you : it’s MEETMOJO !

Stay focused on your business, we take care of emotions.

We've prepared for you a production-ready framework. Scientifically up-to-date, highly developer-friendly and well packaged with Open APIs.








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Microsoft stops its old fashioned Emotion AI. And that’s a big opportunity.

It was about time! Sarah Bird, Principal Group Product Manager — Azure AI, posted an official announcement that frames a stop decision mainly in the name of ethics.

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You can now speak with GPT-3 and feel like in a natural conversation

A few months ago, we wrote that such agent has to be emotional.
Today, we’re happy to share how cool it is to merge two of the greatest technologies together: GPT-3 and Emotion AI.

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MediaPipe FaceMesh for Emotion Recognition

With MediaPipe, Flutter gets access to a state of the art facial analysis model which is key for emotion recognition. At Hoomano, we develop facial expression recognition tools.
In the pursuit of this goal, user’s privacy is a major concern to us.

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How to enable Proactive User Experience

In this article, we will see how we can create a brand new UX for products in a Flutter application.
Radically different from old-fashioned touch-based and non-sense futuristic gesture-based.

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