emotion based technology

Feeling unheard by
digital assistants?

Ready to ditch the robotic responses and upgrade to a digital assistant that truly understands you? Hoomano's emotional intelligence technology is here to revolutionize your digital interactions.


Welcome to Hoomano's

Digital Assistant Factory!

Here, you can find your own ready-to-go personal emotional digital assistant for email management and news presenter.
Our factory also provides the tools and resources necessary for you to create a digital assistant that truly feels like your own.


Mojodex • Your digital assistant

Mojodex is a digital assistant developed by Hoomano to help users manage their emails more efficiently. Write your notes, Mojodex will do the rest!

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Meet Mojo

Meet Mojo is the A.I. news presenter app that will make you feel like you are in a conversation. Stop scrolling, start thinking!


Mojo Framework • Digital Assistant SDK

Looking for the most customizable framework for building digital assistants?
Look no further! Our framework features advanced capabilities in user perception and activity design, up-to-date emotion and interaction detection, and an expressive interface for human-like expressivity.
Start building your dream digital assistant today with our powerful and easy-to-use tools.

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Market Research Solutions

Emotional feedback matters.



VideoFeel is an emotional analysis platform that uses cutting-edge technology to understand people's reactions to videos.

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Facial Expression Recognition

Anonymous, real-time and real world facial expression recognition available on any laptop, smartphone and tablet.

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Qualitative Research Assistant

Improve qualitative research beyond declarative assessment with emotional insights validated with data

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