Creator of useful applications

We have been developing software for social robotics since 2014, by creating business solutions.

Identifying and understanding the end-user’s needs in retail, hospitality, flex office, public services : it is one of the strengths of Hoomano’s teams.

A long-standing partner of Softbank Robotics, we deploy our solutions on the robots Pepper and Nao. We also collaborate with other robot makers.

Inventor of natural interactions

The Hoomano Lab is making progress on the creation of an endearing autonomous personality that all interactive machines will be able to use: service robots, smart-speakers, smart-displays, and interactive home appliances alike.

Called the Hoomano Social Brain, it is a technological innovation that promises natural behaviors between machines and humans.

The Lab, using artificial intelligence research, already offers a reliable attention evaluation technology.

The Lab

Made of an R&D department managed by Amélie Cordier, as well as engineers from Hoomano, the Lab uses the most recent AI techniques everyday. 8 individuals obsess daily over how to enrich the user experience with connected devices, or interactive machines, by ensuring that their behaviors perform naturally.The Lab innovates by advancing the research on developmental learning (or developmental AI) in the service of human-machine interactions. The Lab strengthens its expertise in this area thanks to its collaboration with the Labcom.

The Team

At Hoomano, 15 passionate individuals work in between France and Japan. Our team of experts combines experience and vision to transform daily the way we interact with technology.

Engineers; developers, researchers, project teams, marketing teams, they all make our clients’ projects possible today and contribute to improve tomorrow’s technology.


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