Open source
Digital Assistants
for Enterprises.

We craft bespoke AI-powered digital teammates tailored for your enterprise.

Consulting & Strategy

We provide strategic advice for the deployment of digital assistants, aligning our solutions with your business objectives.

Bespoke Solutions

Design, development, and deployment of customized solutions to meet the specific needs of your enterprise.

Support & Training

Continuous support and training to ensure the integration and optimal use of your digital assistants by your teams.

Digital Assistant Use Cases

Our clients save hours every week.

Our solutions frees up mental space for better big-picture thinking, which is essential for your success.


Meeting Recaps

83 seconds is all it takes to delegate a meeting recap.

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Task Management

Get your thoughts organized in a few seconds.

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Personalized Tasks

Tailor-made assistants prepared just for your team.

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Mojodex is also available for testing as a SaaS solution. And, you can also install it on your own servers.

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Now is the time to redefine your work.

With typical 3x productivity improvement, start a new way of working today. With Mojodex, it’s never so easy.

Effortless Meeting Summaries

Transcript the essential points from every meeting using simple voice commands, saving you time and energy.

Instant Report Generation

Automatically generate organized and comprehensive meeting reports, allowing you to easily review and share your notes.

Proactive Action Plans

Receive suggested action plans based on your meeting summaries, helping you stay on top of tasks and drive results.

Custom tasks

You're unique. Get tailor-made tasks prepared just for you.

Integration with your business tools

Mojodex integrates easily with popular business tools. It's not 'just another tool'.

Boost Productivity and Focus

Spend less time on tedious tasks and more time on what matters. You'll perform better and be more efficient.

They changed the way they work with Mojodex.


It's the assistant 3.0. Among other things, improves the responsiveness and quality of customer service.

Mathieu Francesch

CTO @ Esteban Paris


Bravo! Nice work πŸ‘Œ a 'use' oriented tool! I actually tested it! It's very surprising

Mostefa Abdou

CEO @ ByMoss Electric Vehicles