Emotion AI Framework for Digital Assistant.

Digital Assistants interacting with people in the real world need to know what people think, and how they feel to get a chance to be adopted.

Remove Wake Up Word

People know when to start and stop talking instinctively. Give this supernatural power to your digital assistant

Engage Emotionally

Use emotional feedback loop to find what’s relevant individually for your users. Trigger the right interaction at the right time to maximize engagement.

Assistant Driven Interaction

Improve user engagement by dynamically adjusting your digital assistant’s actions to people’s mood. Get a wow everyday!

Our Emotion AI is built for integration

Watch out the video to see how it works live!


Emotion AI for Digital Assistants.

Your users get more and more used to AI and naturally expect to get a human-like interaction level.
While using the agent, with their emotional reactions are evaluated in real-time you can reach their expectation.
Build interactive social scenario like mood checking, emotionally powered conversation. Make your user laugh, surprise them, and you will know.
With device-driven interaction, no more wake up words to start an interaction.
Use dynamical emotion-based reactions to improve personalization. With emotional feedback you can boost your preference learning on what works and what doesn't for each individual.

The Most Customizable Software Framework for Building Digital Assistant

User Perception

Scientifically up-to-date Emotion and Interaction detection

Activity Design

Customizable activities selected by personalization engine.

Expressive Interface

Emotional interface with human-like expressivity.

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Bring Life to Digital Assistants with Emotion AI

Digital Assistant Framework

Product Team


Improve User Engagement

Engage Users with Instinctive User Interface

Build the 3D Digital Assistant for your particular use case and deploy it on any iOS or Android Tablet, so you can engage your users, design proactive features, happening at the right time.

Use case in action

Business Challenge

The primary KPI used by Linkia Product team was to improve elderly people interaction with digital services. As cognitive abilities naturally decrease with aging, it was shown that the interface of digital services had to be instinctive to get more user engagement.


To improve user engagement, Linkia used Mojo Emotion AI Platform to create Lily, their digital care assistant. Used as the main interface with the digital services this allowed to build agenda, social apps and reminders adapted individually to elderly people.

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 built with mojo framework

Download our latest whitepaper on the state of the art of Digital Assistants

This whitepaper will explore the benefits and challenges of both avatar- based emotional digital assistants, also called virtual assistants, and traditional user interfaces, and compare the two in terms of cost, user experience, engagement, and interaction and discuss their scientific assessments.