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Emotional Analytics

Improve qualitative research beyond declarative assessment with emotional insights validated with data. Easy-to-use & powerful profiling tools on emotional feedback.

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Increase your revenue by 20%

Upsell emotional report to your customers.


Optimize your ROI by 30%

More valuable data for the same interview duration.

Our interview assistant is built for integration

Integration with existing tools.

An assistant that adapts to all types of platforms for a homogeneous and complete operation .

Repeatable and consistent measurement

The assistant interprets emotions in a consistent way, making the technology repeatable across platforms.

Highly valuable emotional feedbacks.


Reactions first

Individual emotion assessment

Validation of hypotheses

Check expected reactions

General reporting

Summarize global emotional reaction

How does it work ?

The reason why you can trust us

Private by design

  • 3D facial key points & no video / photo recorded
  • Our Digital assistant respects your privacy and we will never use data for anything other than to improve our assistant.
  • State of the art - Emotion Science

  • Timeseries ~30 Hz
  • Fleeting expressions representing up to 48 emotions
  • ...

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