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No matter what you're working on, we build your digital teammates. They love doing tedious work for you.


Mojodex - Copilot for Customer-facing teams

Mojodex, your digital teammate, excels at tedious tasks, freeing you to focus on relationships and sales. Accessible via web, Chrome extension, mobile app, or email, it provides proactive, tailored support, boosting efficiency and enhancing customer interactions.

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Your own tailor-made AI Agent

We build your own AI agent, tailored to your business needs, and train it to perform the tasks you need it to do. We then deploy it on your premises or in your cloud, and you own it.

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AI Agent platform

Imagine being a busy professional relying on a traditional chatbot assistant. It lacks customization, offers no guidance on inquiries, and is unresponsive to emotions. Choosing suitable plugins is a maze, and the App Store's overwhelming options lead to decision paralysis.

To overcome that situation, we've created

Mojo AI Agent Platform
Our technology to make digital assistants smarter.

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Individualized Learning

Our AI learns from each unique interaction for personalized assistance.

Proactive Guidance

Our AI Agent proactively guides you, simplifying your tasks.

Emotionally Responsive

Our Agent naturally reacts to confusion, surprise, and amusement.

Smart Tool Selection

Our Agent selects the necessary tools for each task.

Preference-Based Matching

Our Agent matches options based on your personal preferences.

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It's been fantastic to learn over the years that each of our customers have unique needs. We've developed a suite of Enterprise-grade Services to help you get the most out of our AI Agent Platform.


A la carte

Ditch one-size-fits-all solutions with our Bespoke AI Agent Design. Tailoring AI agents to your unique needs, we elevate efficiency, effectiveness, and returns, creating an AI solution that truly fits your business



Keep your AI Agent updated effortlessly with our Data Driven. Loading your data into your AI's memory, we ensure your Agent evolves with your business, boosting effectiveness, accuracy, and returns.



Master AI confidently with our Empowerment Training. Leveraging years of expertise, we guide you from novice to expert, optimizing your AI Agent management for a resilient and future-ready enterprise.



Stay in control with our flexible AI Agent Deployment options. Offering tailor-made strategies from cloud to on-premise, we align your AI operations with your goals, boosting efficiency, security, and returns.


What is a digital teammate?

A digital teammate is an AI agent that automates tasks, recommends action plans, and helps build stronger relationships with customers, partners, and teammates.
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What's the difference between a chatbot like ChatGPT and an AI agent?

The main difference is their utility time. Chatbots are useful only with you are chatting with them. AI agents are useful all the time, even when you are not chatting with them. They can automate tasks, send notifications, and more.
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How does the data is managed?

Your data is your treasure. Our digital teammates are learning and remember everything you tell them. We are using the latest technologies to ensure your data is safe and secure. You can also delete, export or upload your data at any time.
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What is unique about Hoomano?

Our digital teammates, powered by our patented AI Agent Platform, proactively work for you, learning from your data. We provide a full suite of services for your successful AI Agent journey.
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