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Enhancing Recruitment Efficiency with Mojodex


Recruiting team


Save Time and Improve Quality of Internal Data

Provide a digital assistant to the recruiting team

• Current Situation:
Each recruiter spends approximately 30% of their time on administrative tasks.

• Goal:
Reduce this administrative time by 50%.

• Process Improvement:
Seamless CRM updates for each candidate or client interaction.

• Accessibility:
Recruiters can use their mobile devices or laptops to interact with the digital assistant, depending on the context.

 Success Story


Business Challenge

Cabinet Potentiel is a recruiting agency that specializes in the recruitment of executives and managers. The recruiting team is a seasoned group of professionals, and they where spending too much time on administrative tasks.


Implementation: Mojodex is used as a service to improve the quality of interview recaps and candidate evaluation reports.


Significant Time Savings and Focus on Core Tasks
• Outcome: 2 days saved each week in administrative workload.
• Benefit: Allows recruiters to focus more on recruiting and client-oriented tasks.

 Our solution


AI as a Service

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  • Monthly subscription for ongoing support

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