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Save valuable time after each meeting by effortlessly recording of your meeting summaries using voice commands. Simply activate the Meeting Minutes feature and speak your notes for a seamless experience.

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Voice-Activated Meeting Summaries

Save valuable time after each meeting by effortlessly recording your meeting summaries using voice commands. Simply activate the Meeting Minutes feature and speak your notes for a seamless experience.

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Automated Report Generation

Automatically generate comprehensive meeting reports using the recorded voice notes. Review and approve a well-structured summary without needing to type it out.

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Standardized Summaries for ALL Meetings

Improve the consistency and quality your meeting summaries for all types of gatherings, including face-to-face, phone calls, and video conferences, with the Meeting Minutes feature's automated formatting and organization. Ensure your notes are effortless to examine and utilize for future reference.

"I was lucky enough to test this innovative (and impressive) solution. It's the 3.0 assistant par excellence that will, among other things, improve the responsiveness and quality of customer service. Well done to the Hoomano team."

Mathieu Francesch - CTO

"Bravo! Nice work👌 a "use" oriented tool I actually tested it! It's very surprising!"

Mostefa Abdou - CEO

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How does the "meeting minutes" feature work within Mojodex?

Mojodex's "meeting minutes" feature enables sales reps to record crucial meeting details via voice commands. Users can activate this feature in-app, speak essential information, and obtain a generated summary. The summary can be reviewed, modified, and saved.


How does the voice-to-text transcription work in the "meeting minutes" feature?

The voice-to-text transcription in the "meeting minutes" feature uses advanced voice recognition technology to convert your spoken words into written text. By speaking directly into the Mojodex app, you can quickly create a meeting summary that accurately captures your input. The system allows you to review and modify the meeting summary using additional voice commands, ensuring that your meeting minutes are complete and accurate.


How does the "meeting minutes" feature integrate with other platforms like HubSpot and Slack?

Future plans include integrating the "meeting minutes" feature with HubSpot and Slack, enabling users to save, export, and share summaries within Mojodex, streamlining workflow and promoting organization and collaboration. This feature is not yet available.


What is the roadmap for Mojodex?

The Mojodex roadmap includes adding new features, such as proactive actions, customer insights, sales memo preparation, Magic Task AI assistant, seamless CRM integration, and communication system connectivity. These improvements will enhance functionality, increase user efficiency, and streamline workflows by automating tasks and integrating essential tools.

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