Mojo Framework Emotion-based Technology.

Altogether. As a whole, unlock the full potential to build your Next Generation Digital Assistants.

Independantly. Often used to take profit of one of each modules to match your need.

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How it works

Mojo Framework is a modular cognitive architecture inspired by Human's Natural Communication Abilities.


Privacy by design

What happens on Mojo,
stays with Mojo.

We take good care of personal data and use industry standards.
All the information is stored, protected and secured on servers under the E.U. privacy policy laws.


1   Emotion Sensing

Understand the user’s extra-verbal signals: Emotions.

Mojo uses visual sensing to catch emotions. The facial landmarks are converted into interaction signals thanks to our Patented Technology


2   Expressive Interface

Build Empathy with Mojo's expressiveness

Mojo has its own internal emotion state capable of displaying a wide range of expressions.
Mojo’s Generative Adversarial Networks provide infinite possibilities, like humans.

3   Match Emotions

Reach, at least, 61% opt-in rate.

Mojo reaches optimal conversion rates after 200 interactions with a user, that’s around one month of daily interaction with the digital assistant.

4   User preferences

Discover life-long user preferences

Mojo's goal is to propose to the user the right digital service at the right time, in a natural way.

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Open Source API for Mojo Emotion AI Platform.

Simple to install with npm, Mojo Emotion AI Plaform API is easy to use and available on GitHub. We regularly update the developer documentation with tutorials, examples and boilerplates.

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